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To cultivate lasting impressions through self-discovery and compassion, while

providing a path to move and be well. 


Integral Postural Alignment Techniques  
 Online/livestream Teacher Training
The IPATH® Method's continuing education programs consist of  IPATH® Restorative Yoga Foundations, IPATH® Pilates, IPATH@ II Restorative Yoga, and IPATH® Masterteacher programs designed to equip and empower both the beginner and advanced practitioner, with postural techniques that end back/body pain.
You can achieve your Registered IPATH® Certification with online modules and resources, along with "on-air" immersions to achieve and enhance your career anywhere/anytime.   Registered YACEP with Yoga Alliance®  - perfect for yoga teachers, physical therapists, pilates teachers, chiropractors, and most healthcare practitioners to integrate in their current practice.  Choose to begin with the 75 hr Restorative Yoga program or the IPATH Mat Pilates or sign up for an IPATH®  free Intro Masterclass, where you can feel and rethink natural solutions for chronic pain relief for yourself. - The IPATH® Method

La capacitación en línea no podría ser más fácil, y hemos estado realizando capacitación en línea desde 2018, un momento en el que la formación de profesores de yoga en línea era un poco difícil de alcanzar. Nuestro mundo ha recorrido un largo camino desde entonces, aunque nunca ha renunciado a diseñar todo nuestro entrenamiento pensando en usted. Acceda a nuestra formación en cualquier momento desde cualquier parte del mundo. Durante los últimos 12 años

Denese Cavanaugh, directora de nuestro entrenamiento, pasó su tiempo enseñando y presentando. internacionalmente. En 2018, ella compartió

El Método IPATH® con Italia rompiendo las barreras en línea. Enseñando desde 1996, Denese lo ayudará a profundizar su práctica y mejorar su caja de herramientas para maestros impulsada por la experiencia y la integridad del aprendizaje que uno debe esperar.

Comparta sus habilidades docentes, expanda su comunidad, ofrezca soluciones permanentes para el dolor de espalda / cuerpo en grupos, en línea, talleres y sesiones privadas.

Conviértete en un

MasterTrainer de IPATH,

empoderar y capacitar a otros profesores.

 Online IPATH® Teacher Training Programs

Distant Learning is a valuable alternative to traditional training. Access the IPATH® training modules anytime from anywhere in the world. Deepen and enhance your teacher toolkit, learning how to offer pain solutions with proper movement.  The IPATH Method will help to understand and guide our students to be well and mindful regardless of what our students show up with.    

75 HR IPATH® Restorative Yoga Fundamentals Certification is a comprehensive holistic course using a 5 pose sequence that will restore and end chronic pain. I Online & Live virtual modules course tuition $850.00 USD -open to all healthcare professionals.  see curriculum>>

4 Modules approximately 20 hrs each

20 hr IPATH® Pilates Certification-  "live" Virtual weekend course.  Tuition $375.00 USD  see curriculum>>

Learn structural integration, spinal manipulation using three IPATH® foundational poses along with Pilates exercises that build core strength and awareness for all populations and injuries.  Teaching  IPATH®  Pilates is open to all healthcare professionals.  

25 hr IPATH® II   Online Certification  I Online & Live virtual modules  Online/"Live" Virtual weekend course tuition           $425.00 USD

Allows certified IPATH® teachers to present workshops, retreats, and explore deeper awareness for structural integration and deeper injuries and pathologies using trigger point therapy. Learn to work with special needs populations pre-postnatal and understand how to work with deeper spinal issues using the IPATH spinal cleansing sequence. as a private and group practices. prerequisite = IPATH® Restorative Yoga certification

30 hr IPATH® Master Trainer Certification  Online & Live virtual modules. Tuition $850.00

Becoming an IPATH® Masterteacher creates an opportunity to profoundly increase your knowledge of IPATH® techniques while also generating more tiered income. In addition to teaching workshops, retreats, and you will acquire skills to become an international presenter. IPATH® Masterteacher/trainers will lead their own teacher training course using the IPATH® curriculum to certify healthcare professionals in The IPATH Method. 

prerequisite = IPATH® Restorative Yoga Certification, IPATH® Mat Pilates and IPATH® II pre/postnatal




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