Back Pain Relief

From Denese

After having taught yoga to thousands of bodies since 1996 in various cities, there still were so many students asking how they could specifically relieve lower back pain - too many to ignore.

The PATH® Method in 2012  was created out of necessity, to help my students with back/body pain.

I decided to stop and listen, devoting time to cultivate and appreciated how pressure points (marmas), allow prana, the life force, and power behind our physical and psychological processes, to flow through us. Beginning with the Anahata Chakra to elicit a sense of ease, compassion, and energy, helps to first relax the soft tissues, then layers of fascia can be manipulated while still. A work-in, with rest.   Curious about how mindfully "letting go"  helped to balance the joints organically, going beyond stretching, amplified the need for the physical body to completely fall into samskaras to relieve back/body pain, with levels of consciousness and balance.  Layers of patterns, deep within the body, are discovered, with an organic release finding permanent length and pain relief. The IPATH Sequence is unique and has helped many to live a life of wellbeing-  and awakening throughout the entire body.  


After numerous case studies and patience, The IPATH (Integral Postural Alignment Techniques) Method, became a necessity for many since it completely transformed, corrected, and created an awareness of how important posture is, especially as we age.  




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