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75 hr. Plan de estudios de Yoga Restaurativo IPATH

The IPATH Restorative Yoga program is a continuing education program

accredited with Yoga Alliance 

  • 30 contact hours including 5 mentor hours

  • 45 non-contact hour including case studies     

Tuition $650 paid in full - or pay per module

This course includes one set of the IPATH® decompression balls

Module 1
12 hours In Person & Livestream
see calendar dates

Exploring  tension patterns and chronic holds throughout the body,
including the fascial matrix.


  • What is fascia, as it relates to IPATH®?

  • Using myofascial release techniques to release pain.

  • Identifying typical myofascial patterns

  • How fascial limits and restricts the body/how to access it

  • Understanding  tensegrity.

  • What is Chronic Pain?

  • How to assess body alignment.

  • Workbook


Module 2
25 Online self study hours

  • Posture with breathwork &  the Subtle Body

  • ABC's of the Skeletal System

  • The symmetrical body & fourth chakra

  • Joint Motions defined

  • Common imbalances

  • Vitruvian philosophy

  • How to support an imbalanced body

  • Workbook


Module 3
livestream 12 hr weekend
see calendar dates

Sequencing Integral Postural Alignment Therapeutics. 12 hr  Livestream weekend

  • The IPATH approach to pain management 

  • Weaving through verbal cues 

  • IPATH and the 5 Koshas

  • Block Placement - body assessment

  • Breath awareness

  • Practice the Heart Opener / Halo / Hammock/ Soft Bridge

  • Restorative poses: Somatic integration

  • IPATH® decompression balls - exploring 3 postural trigger points

  • Primary principles taught for beginner to intermediate to advanced students


Module 4
20 hour case studies -
application of techniques



  • Putting the work to practice: submit case studies using somatic and held postures 

  • 60 - 75 minute class sequences , using verbal cues, correct prop placement, breathing techniques, and observation. 

  • Present private and  small group classes

  • Study effects of progression, interoception and proprioception.

  • Use of cueing techniques to facilitate and encourage levels of release, calm, and ease. 

  • Present verbal corrections, help cultivate a safe practice environment, and encourage harmony in movement.

  • Present decompression, skeletal alignment, and strength using the IPATH® decompression ball

Certification upon completion

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